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When you hear about a burglary or break-in, you only hear about the value of the stolen property. You never hear about the priceless thing the burglars stole - the victim’s feeling of security! Several years ago, burglars broke into a neighbor's home. He'd always thought, "Things like that only happen to other people". Later, he said, "I felt violated down to the bone." Sadly, like most victims, they never saw their stuff again.

Have you ever wondered about the best way to protect your family and keep burglars out of your home? What are the best home security tools? Where do you find the best home security? If you start at your local hardware store or home improvement store, you might find 1-2 alarms and one wireless alarm system - and good luck finding any diversion safes.  When searching the internet, you can find many online home security sites - but most will only offer 1-2 product lines.

Speaking of diversion safes - I'm talking about actual product containers with a secret compartment that's just the right size for hiding small valuables. Nobody, that's right-nobody, can tell them from the real thing.

Burglars only have a few minutes to spend in your home. They don't have time to check every container in your cupboard, in your fridge, in your garage, under your sink, or even all your books, clocks, or candles. Some of these safes also make great travel accessories. Hide your valuables "in plain sight".
If you're like most of us, you're concerned about protecting your nice jewelry, your credit cards, and keepsakes. Maybe you just want to keep a few extra bucks on hand. And yes, they'll definitely do the job for those of you who want to hide your Rolex, cash, or jewelery.

Most security companies that advertise on TV or in the newspaper will offer you free or low priced installation for a basic system. There's usually an extra charge for installing any extra sensors and monitors, and of course they don't monitor your home for free. This can sometimes run to over $1,000 each year.
Why not save money with an auto dialer. It calls you if someone tries to break in your home - and no monthly fees!

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GUNK Engine Degreaser hidden safe

hidden safe
Kool-Aid hidden safe
Love My Carpet
hidden safe
Child protection kit
AJAX 21 oz.
hidden safe

Five good reasons to shop with us:

1. Can you change a light bulb and use basic tools? You're now fully qualified to install any of our electronic safes, DIY wireless alarms, or wireless security systems.
2. Why should you have to get a second mortgage to protect your family, home, and valuables. We've got over 100 home security products under $25.

Most of our products are anywhere from 10%-20% below retail.
3. Everything is shipped straight from the factory to you. In 2014, over 96% of all orders left the factory within 24 hours.
4. Order from the comfort of your home. Be safe while shopping on our security guaranteed site.
We'll save you time and gas and make your search easier. Choose from the best products offered by SafeKing, Sony, GE, Smith & Wesson, Mace, First Alert, StreetWise, and Kindergard. I've also recently found a few more premium quality locks, alarm systems, and child safety products. They'll be available soon so please stop back.

We offer 128 bit protection  SecurityMetrics Certified  for your secure online shopping.

We wouldn't be a very smart security company if we weren't serious about protecting your personal information.
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Have you been thinking about some home improvement projects?
Why not upgrade your home security with an alarm or alarm system.

On our free   FAMILY SAFETY REPORT page, you will find:

> Lighting & landscaping safety ideas you can do yourself that cost little or no money.
> How you can easily make your home look "lived in" while you're away on vacation.
> How to deal with strangers at the door - especially in the middle of the night.
> One more way your local police can help you. Ask them for a home security checkup.

> We've also included an article on door locks.

Stay safe,
Safety Jim

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