Wireless alarms protect your family, your home, and your property


It's your right to feel safe & secure in your own home.

Burglars, muggers, and thieves are opportunists. They're always looking for little things like overflowing mailboxes, piles of newspapers on the steps, open windows, poor or missing doorway lighting, no lights on at night, and open garage doors.

We offer a variety of alarms. You can make your alarms more effective if you also pay attention to your windows, lighting, and doors. Take your time and find the "just right" security item to protect your family, your valuables, and your home.

Our easy-to-install alarms will
guard your home 24/7. They are designed to scare off burglars before they can break in. Battery powered alarms continue working in the event of a power outage. Some of these wireless alarms are portable - you can even take them with you on vacation.

You're paying insurance premiums to help you recover from burglaries and other disasters. Why not stop the burglars before they get in and save money at the same time? Most insurance companies offer as much as a 20% discount for properties with an alarm or alarm system. If your's doesn't, maybe you're with the wrong insurance company!

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Wireless Home Security Alarms

Wireless Home Security Alarms

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Super Door StopSuper Door StopMore than just a door stop. It includes a built-in alarm. Works great in hotel/motel rooms.
Streetwise Personal/Door Alarm with LightStreetwise Personal/Door Alarm with LightThis door/window alarm is also a portable personal alarm that can protect anywhere you go. It can also be used to guard your laptop or purse.
ST Intruder alertST Intruder alertA functioning telephone that is also a monitoring system with an autodialer!
ST Electronic watch dogST Electronic watch dogThis portable radar alarm has a real German-Shepherd-barking sound!
Safety BeamSafety BeamUse this portable infrared beam alarm to protect a specific area. Set to loud alarm or chime. The adjustable distance and volume controls make it very flexible.
Recordable alarmRecordable alarmThe Sound Sentry is a portable recordable motion alarm.
Motion Sensor alarmMotion Sensor alarmThis portable wireless area alarm has 2 different sounds.
Motion detector with remoteMotion detector with remoteThis portable alarm has a 30' range and includes a remote and door/window sensors.
Motion detector with autodialerMotion detector with autodialerThis 105db alarm is a multi-function motion sensor and includes an auto dialer.
Motion Alert with KeypadMotion Alert with KeypadThis compact motion detector has a programmable security code. It can also be used as a doorbell.
Motion Alarm with StrobeMotion Alarm with StrobeThis alarm is a portable compact motion detector. It comes with a remote control and a strobe light in case of power outage. A great travel accessory!
Motion Activated Alarm with AutodialerMotion Activated Alarm with AutodialerSet this motion detector for a 125db alarm or a silent alarm. The built-in autodialer will call up to 3 numbers when activated.
Mini Window AlarmMini Window Alarm"The worlds' smallest window alarm". This portable alarm can also be used to protect specific areas such as gun cabinets & medicine cabinets.
Entrance AlertEntrance AlertProtect doors, gun cabinets, medicine cabinets, and windows with this compact alarm.
Driveway PatrolDriveway PatrolThis indoor/outdoor alarm will chime to let you know about comings and goings in a specific area. Use the portable receiver to work in the driveway, basement, or upstairs.
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