Autodialers make a phone call when activated

When one of these portable monitors is activated, they go into action. With or without activating an alarm, the autodialer will automatically phone a pre-set number (cell, work phone, friend, neighbor) to alert you about a possible break in. The built in sensor units will protect your home, business, or even vacation property while you are away.

Security for your family and property with no monthly service charges!

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Read our free report "UNINVITING BURGLARS"



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ST Intruder alertST Intruder alertA functioning telephone that is also a monitoring system with an autodialer!
Motion Activated Alarm with AutodialerMotion Activated Alarm with AutodialerSet this motion detector for a 125db alarm or a silent alarm. The built-in autodialer will call up to 3 numbers when activated.
Motion detector with autodialerMotion detector with autodialerThis 105db alarm is a multi-function motion sensor and includes an auto dialer.
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