Travel alarms
These portable alarms will protect you wherever you travel. They're small enough to fit in your suitcase. Battery power eliminates the need for electric adapters when overseas.
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Motion Activated Alarm with AutodialerMotion Activated Alarm with AutodialerSet this motion detector for a 125db alarm or a silent alarm. The built-in autodialer will call up to 3 numbers when activated.
Motion detector with autodialerMotion detector with autodialerThis 105db alarm is a multi-function motion sensor and includes an auto dialer.
Recordable alarmRecordable alarmThe Sound Sentry is a portable recordable motion alarm.
Safety BeamSafety BeamThis portable alarm is triggered by breaking the infrared beam. Adjustable for alarm or chime.
ST Child PandaST Child PandaChild proximity alarm with an adjustable range. Cartoon animal is worn on the wrist.
Super Door StopSuper Door StopMore than just a door stop. It includes a built-in alarm. Works great in hotel/motel rooms.