Security tools
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Alarm system security stickerAlarm system security stickerThis alarm system security sticker will fool potential thieves.
Alarm system security stickers - 6 packAlarm system security stickers - 6 packAlarm system security stickers are effective on windows, doors, and even your car. Six pack
Angel A Motorized safeAngel A Motorized safeA safe that's as functional as it is attractive.
CCTV warning stickersCCTV warning stickersCCTV warning stickers will help deter criminals.
Child protection kitChild protection kitThis vital information packet includes everything you need in case your child is missing.
Del Monte Corn can safeDel Monte Corn can safeThis can of vegetables is really a hidden safe. Fits perfectly in your cupboard.
Del Monte peaches can - LARGEDel Monte peaches can - LARGEThis #10 peaches can will hold a lot more than the normal hidden safe.
Disani water bottle safeDisani water bottle safeThis bottle of Dasani water has a hidden compartment for valuables.
Dual function door braceDual function door braceThis portable dual function brace works on hinged or sliding doors.
Fingerprint Deadbolt Lock - Antique BrassFingerprint Deadbolt Lock - Antique BrassThis biometric lock will replace your existing single cylinder deadbolts. The fingerprint lock stores fingerprints for up to 30 users.
Fingerprint Deadbolt Lock - NickelFingerprint Deadbolt Lock - NickelThis biometric fingerprint lock will replace your existing single cylinder deadbolts or install in place of single cylinder deadbolts in new doors. The biometric fingerprint lock stores fingerprints for up to 30 users.
Fire alert stickerFire alert stickerThis removable & reusable fire rescue window decal easily attaches to the inside of a window to alert firefighters and EMS personnel.
Full Throttle can safeFull Throttle can safeNot an energy drink but a hidden safe. Holds jewelry, cash, etc.
Great travel accessory!
Mace Wireless system
Rock key hider - largeRock key hider - largeThis realistic looking rock has a secret compartment for keys.
Sprinkler Key HiderSprinkler Key HiderThis is an actual sprinkler system head which has been converted into a key hider.
ST Child PandaST Child PandaChild proximity alarm with an adjustable range. Cartoon animal is worn on the wrist.
Super Door StopSuper Door StopMore than just a door stop. It includes a built-in alarm. Works great in hotel/motel rooms.
Ultra Duster hidden safeUltra Duster hidden safeNo burglar has the time to sort through your cleaning products to find this safe.