Travel Safety
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121 piece Sports First Aid Kit121 piece Sports First Aid KitThis first aid kit is perfect for coaches, players, and soccer moms.
30 piece Home First Aid Kit30 piece Home First Aid KitThis basic first aid kit will handle most minor problems wherever you are.
85 piece Camping first aid kit85 piece Camping first aid kitThis 85 piece first aid kit is ideal for campers and hikers.
Aqua Net can safeAqua Net can safeThis Aqua Net hair spray hidden safe fits in plain sight among your cosmetics. Great travel accessory.
Barbasol can safeBarbasol can safe

This Barbasol Shave Cream can will hide small valuables and fit right in your medicine cabinet. Great for travelers.

Brut shave cream hidden safeBrut shave cream hidden safeThis can of shave cream is really a hidden safe. A great travel accessory.
CD case hidden safeCD case hidden safeThis go-anywhere stack of CDs has a large felt-lined hidden compartment for valuables. A great travel accessory.
Disani water bottle safeDisani water bottle safeThis bottle of Dasani water has a hidden compartment for valuables.
Dual function door braceDual function door braceThis portable dual function brace works on hinged or sliding doors.
Full Throttle can safeFull Throttle can safeNot an energy drink but a hidden safe. Holds jewelry, cash, etc.
Great travel accessory!
Hair brush safeHair brush safeThis hair brush will make your hair look nice while it's hiding valuables. A great travel accessory.
Insulated coffee mug safeInsulated coffee mug safeThis functional coffee cup is also hidden safe. A great travel accessory.
JB Oil Treatment can safeJB Oil Treatment can safeSet this oil treatment can in with your other auto products and hide your valuables in plain sight!
Puncture Seal hidden safePuncture Seal hidden safeThis can of Puncture Seal is the perfect auto travel accessory. Nobody will be looking in your trunk for a hidden safe.
Scotch lint remover roller safeScotch lint remover roller safeThis lint roller diversion safe fits in anywhere. Great travel accessory
ST Child PandaST Child PandaChild proximity alarm with an adjustable range. Cartoon animal is worn on the wrist.
Super Door StopSuper Door StopMore than just a door stop. It includes a built-in alarm. Works great in hotel/motel rooms.