Hidden safes in the kitchen
Some of these hidden safes fit in your cupboard or pantry mixed in with food cans. Some fit in your refrigerator mixed in with your soda, beer, or other drinks.
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7UP can safe7UP can safeThis 7UP soda can is a hidden safe with a compartment for your valuables.
A&W Root Beer can safeA&W Root Beer can safeThis A&W Root Beer can has a hidden compartment for your small valuables.
Ajax can safeAjax can safeThis regular size Ajax cleanser can is a diversion safe that fits right in under the sink.
Ajax cleaner safe - large canAjax cleaner safe - large canThis cleanser can hides valuables.
Arizona Ice Tea safeArizona Ice Tea safeThis can of Arizona Ice Tea is a hidden safe with a compartment for small valuables.
Bread crumb hidden safeBread crumb hidden safeThis innocent looking can is really a hidden safe.
Bud-Lite beer can hidden safeBud-Lite beer can hidden safeA beer can hidden safe to fool burglars.
Campbell's Spaghetti O's safeCampbell's Spaghetti O's safeNo yummy food - just your valuables.
Canada Dry ginger ale safeCanada Dry ginger ale safeThis ginger ale can diversion safe will fit right in your fridge.
Cherry 7UP can safeCherry 7UP can safeNo tasty soda inside this can - just a hiding place for valuables!
Coca Cola can safeCoca Cola can safeThis Coke can is modified to make it a hidden safe for your small valuables.
Coffeemate hidden safeCoffeemate hidden safeThis coffee creamer container hidden safe fits right in your fridge.
Country Time Lemonade Powder safeCountry Time Lemonade Powder safeThis powdered lemonade can is really a large hidden safe.
Country Time safeCountry Time safeUnscrew the top to reveal an inner chamber for small valuables.
Del Monte Corn can safeDel Monte Corn can safeThis can of vegetables is really a hidden safe. Fits perfectly in your cupboard.
Del Monte fruit ccocktail safeDel Monte fruit ccocktail safeThis Del Monte fruit can hidden safe is a perfect fit in your cupboard.
Del Monte peaches can - LARGEDel Monte peaches can - LARGEThis #10 peaches can will hold a lot more than the normal hidden safe.
DelMonte mixed vegetables can safeDelMonte mixed vegetables can safeDo you really think a burglar will believe there is anything but veggies in this can?
Disani water bottle safeDisani water bottle safeThis bottle of Dasani water has a hidden compartment for valuables.
Dr. Pepper soda can safeDr. Pepper soda can safeThis real Dr. Pepper soda can is actually a great hiding place for small valuables.
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