Hidden safes in the garage
Hidden safes designed to set on garage shelves and fit in with your other items. Burglars will never think to look at these.
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Gunk Brake Cleaner safeGunk Brake Cleaner safeA brake cleaner can with a hidden compartment for valuables. Fits right on your garage shelf.
Gunk Engine Degreaser hidden safeGunk Engine Degreaser hidden safeThis can of degreaser sets on a garage shelf hiding your small valuables.
JB Engine Degreaser can safeJB Engine Degreaser can safeThis garage necessity actually has a secret compartment for valuables.
JB Oil Treatment can safeJB Oil Treatment can safeSet this oil treatment can in with your other auto products and hide your valuables in plain sight!
JB parts cleaner can safeJB parts cleaner can safeSet this brake cleaner can on a garage shelf and a burglar will never know it's a hidden safe.
Liquid Wrench can safeLiquid Wrench can safeThis Liquid Wrench container makes your garage or workshop a safe place to hide jewelry.
Paint can safe - quartPaint can safe - quartA great hidden safe! What burglar has time to look inside a common paint can for valuables?
Puncture Seal hidden safePuncture Seal hidden safeThis can of Puncture Seal is the perfect auto travel accessory. Nobody will be looking in your trunk for a hidden safe.
Spray paint can safeSpray paint can safeThis can of spray paint is really a hidden safe.