Hidden safes in the bathroom
These hidden safes blend in with bathroom products, either under the sink or in the linen closet.
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Ajax can safeAjax can safeThis regular size Ajax cleanser can is a diversion safe that fits right in under the sink.
Aqua Net can safeAqua Net can safeThis Aqua Net hair spray hidden safe fits in plain sight among your cosmetics. Great travel accessory.
Barbasol can safeBarbasol can safe

This Barbasol Shave Cream can will hide small valuables and fit right in your medicine cabinet. Great for travelers.

Brut shave cream hidden safeBrut shave cream hidden safeThis can of shave cream is really a hidden safe. A great travel accessory.
Desenex can safeDesenex can safeNo Desenex foot spray protection but a great place to hide valuables!
Hair brush safeHair brush safeThis hair brush will make your hair look nice while it's hiding valuables. A great travel accessory.
Lysol can safeLysol can safeThis safe sits in with your other cleaning products. Nobody can tell it's really a hidden safe.
Scotch lint remover roller safeScotch lint remover roller safeThis lint roller diversion safe fits in anywhere. Great travel accessory
Toilet bowl cleaner safeToilet bowl cleaner safeThis safe is designed to hide valuables in your bathroom.