Security and safety items designed to protect your child


The items listed here are specifically designed for the safety and security of our most precious resources - our children.

Some of these items are for your child's protection in and around the house.
Some are designed for your child's safety and security when you are away from home.

Each year, thousands of children either get lost or are abducted. Hopefully, you will never experience the terror of thinking your child is missing or lost.
When you're not worrying about an abduction, you're concerned about your toddlers "getting into something" at home.

Every child should have their information available in case of accident, abduction, or if they go missing.

On other pages, you will find alarms, alarm systems, and other security devices designed to protect your entire family.

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Read our free report "UNINVITING BURGLARS"

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Child protection kitChild protection kitThis vital information packet includes everything you need in case your child is missing.
ST Child PandaST Child PandaChild proximity alarm with an adjustable range. Cartoon animal is worn on the wrist.
Fire alert stickerFire alert stickerThis removable & reusable fire rescue window decal easily attaches to the inside of a window to alert firefighters and EMS personnel.
Kiddi BlinkersKiddi BlinkersKeep your children visible at night with these blinking L.E.D. lights.
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