You will not find a larger selection of hidden safes anywhere!

Hide your valuables "in plain sight"!  We're offering over 80 different ones today!

Burglars only have a couple of minutes to spend in your home. They don't have time to search more than just the usual places - like jewelry boxes, sock drawers, between mattresses, on a closet shelf, in the freezer, etc.
Even if a they had a lot more time, they would not be able to find your valuables in these unique hiding places. A hidden safe is designed protect your cash, jewelry, credit cards, passport, or any other small important item.

Also known as diversion safes, these are real product containers that fit right in with everyday household items. They're even weighted to feel like the real thing! 
According to the Chicago Police Department, diversion safes are better than locked safes because they blend in with their surroundings. Oh yes, they're also as much as a thousand times cheaper!

Some sit on a shelf in your cupboard or pantry, in your bathroom linen cabinet, or with cans in your workshop or garage.
Some are decorative and look nice in your living room.
Some will fit on a shelf in your fridge (you've heard of "cold cash").
Use them at home, in your dorm room, or at your office. Some make perfect travel accessories.

A warning here - Since these safes are actual product containers, you definitely need to make sure you know which one is the hidden safe and which one is the real thing (that's the voice of experience talking here).

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Barbasol can safeBarbasol can safe

This Barbasol Shave Cream can will hide small valuables and fit right in your medicine cabinet. Great for travelers.

Brut shave cream hidden safeBrut shave cream hidden safeThis can of shave cream is really a hidden safe. A great travel accessory.
Desenex can safeDesenex can safeNo Desenex foot spray protection but a great place to hide valuables!
Hair brush safeHair brush safeThis hair brush will make your hair look nice while it's hiding valuables. A great travel accessory.
Aqua Net can safeAqua Net can safeThis Aqua Net hair spray hidden safe fits in plain sight among your cosmetics. Great travel accessory.
Ajax cleaner safe - large canAjax cleaner safe - large canThis cleanser can hides valuables.
Ajax can safeAjax can safeThis regular size Ajax cleanser can is a diversion safe that fits right in under the sink.
Lysol can safeLysol can safeThis safe sits in with your other cleaning products. Nobody can tell it's really a hidden safe.
Toilet bowl cleaner safeToilet bowl cleaner safeThis safe is designed to hide valuables in your bathroom.
Fabric & Upholstery cleaner safeFabric & Upholstery cleaner safeThis innocent looking cleaner can is really a hidden safe.
Carpet Cleaner safeCarpet Cleaner safeA carpet cleaner can that hides your valuables.
Love My Carpet can safeLove My Carpet can safeA hidden safe cleverly disguised as a carpet deodorizer.
Ultra Duster hidden safeUltra Duster hidden safeNo burglar has the time to sort through your cleaning products to find this safe.
Spray starch safeSpray starch safeHide your small valuables "in plain sight" in this spray starch can.
Spray bottle safeSpray bottle safeA hidden safe cleverly designed as a spray bottle.
Scotch lint remover roller safeScotch lint remover roller safeThis lint roller diversion safe fits in anywhere. Great travel accessory
Scotch Gard can safeScotch Gard can safeThis is a non-working Scotch Gard spray can only because it has a hidden area for valuables.
Rug deodorizer safeRug deodorizer safeIt doesn't really contain a rug deodorizer, but this diversion safe will hide your valuables!
Paint can safe - quartPaint can safe - quartA great hidden safe! What burglar has time to look inside a common paint can for valuables?
Spray paint can safeSpray paint can safeThis can of spray paint is really a hidden safe.
Liquid Wrench can safeLiquid Wrench can safeThis Liquid Wrench container makes your garage or workshop a safe place to hide jewelry.
Gunk Engine Degreaser hidden safeGunk Engine Degreaser hidden safeThis can of degreaser sets on a garage shelf hiding your small valuables.
Gunk Brake Cleaner safeGunk Brake Cleaner safeA brake cleaner can with a hidden compartment for valuables. Fits right on your garage shelf.
JB parts cleaner can safeJB parts cleaner can safeSet this brake cleaner can on a garage shelf and a burglar will never know it's a hidden safe.
JB Oil Treatment can safeJB Oil Treatment can safeSet this oil treatment can in with your other auto products and hide your valuables in plain sight!
Puncture Seal hidden safePuncture Seal hidden safeThis can of Puncture Seal is the perfect auto travel accessory. Nobody will be looking in your trunk for a hidden safe.
JB Engine Degreaser can safeJB Engine Degreaser can safeThis garage necessity actually has a secret compartment for valuables.
Flower pot safeFlower pot safeThis multi-purpose safe holds flowers + valuables. You can even use it as a key hider!
Large Book Safe with Combination LockLarge Book Safe with Combination LockThis large book safe has a combination lock and built-in steel box to hide and secure your valuables.
Locking Book SafeLocking Book SafeA hidden safe lets you hide your valuables in plain sight! This book safe has a built-in steel box and will blend in on any bookshelf. To further protect your belongings, the box has a key lock. Includes an extra key.
Book SafeBook SafeHide your valuables inside this real book. Nobody will be able to tell which book is the safe.
Outlet SafeOutlet SafeHide items up to 7" long behind this false electrical outlet cover.
CD case hidden safeCD case hidden safeThis go-anywhere stack of CDs has a large felt-lined hidden compartment for valuables. A great travel accessory.
Picture frame hidden safePicture frame hidden safeDisplay a favorite photo and protect your valuables at the same time.
Wall clock safeWall clock safe

The face swings open on this working wall clock to reveal a hidden compartment for your valuables.

Morton Salt hidden safeMorton Salt hidden safeA hidden safe in with your spices. Who would think to look there?
Sea salt crystal shaker safeSea salt crystal shaker safeThis sea salt container is really a hidden safe.
Coffeemate hidden safeCoffeemate hidden safeThis coffee creamer container hidden safe fits right in your fridge.
Wondra flour hidden safeWondra flour hidden safeCan't make gravy with this but you can hide your jewelry - it's a hidden safe!
Bread crumb hidden safeBread crumb hidden safeThis innocent looking can is really a hidden safe.
Kibbles 'n Bits can safeKibbles 'n Bits can safeThis innocent looking can of dog food couldn't be a safe - could it?
Pedigree dog food safePedigree dog food safeThis can of Pedigree Dog Food is really a hidden safe that will even fool your pooch!
Nutter Butter container safeNutter Butter container safeYour valuables are safe in this cookie container.
Teddy Grahams safeTeddy Grahams safeThis graham cracker container is really a hidden safe.
Mini Oreo container safeMini Oreo container safeThis Mini Oreo cookie container is really a hidden safe. No burglar would ever think this has your valuables inside.
Tootsie Roll safeTootsie Roll safeThis Tootsie Roll container has a hidden compartment for your valuables.
Pringles container safePringles container safeShake this hidden safe container and you'll swear there's Pringles chips inside.
Peanut Butter Jar SafePeanut Butter Jar SafeThis hidden safe is a real looking peanut butter jar that fits nicely in your cupboard. Sorry, no jelly.
Jolly Time can safeJolly Time can safeNothing edible in here, but this popcorn can is a great place to hide your valuables.
Del Monte fruit ccocktail safeDel Monte fruit ccocktail safeThis Del Monte fruit can hidden safe is a perfect fit in your cupboard.
DelMonte mixed vegetables can safeDelMonte mixed vegetables can safeDo you really think a burglar will believe there is anything but veggies in this can?
Hunt's Pasta Sauce safeHunt's Pasta Sauce safeA burglar doesn't have time to check every can in your cupboard.
Del Monte peaches can - LARGEDel Monte peaches can - LARGEThis #10 peaches can will hold a lot more than the normal hidden safe.
Campbell's Spaghetti O's safeCampbell's Spaghetti O's safeNo yummy food - just your valuables.
Del Monte Corn can safeDel Monte Corn can safeThis can of vegetables is really a hidden safe. Fits perfectly in your cupboard.
DelMonte mixed vegetables can safeDelMonte mixed vegetables can safeDo you really think a burglar will believe there is anything but veggies in this can?
Nestle's Hot Chocolate safeNestle's Hot Chocolate safeThis hot chocolate can is really a large hidden safe.
Country Time Lemonade Powder safeCountry Time Lemonade Powder safeThis powdered lemonade can is really a large hidden safe.
Maxwell House Coffee can safeMaxwell House Coffee can safeNo delicious coffee in here, but this large hidden safe has room for hiding your valuables.
Koolaid container safeKoolaid container safeThis Koolaid can fits right in your cupboard.
Full Throttle can safeFull Throttle can safeNot an energy drink but a hidden safe. Holds jewelry, cash, etc.
Great travel accessory!
Canada Dry ginger ale safeCanada Dry ginger ale safeThis ginger ale can diversion safe will fit right in your fridge.
Fruit Teazzer can safeFruit Teazzer can safeThis fruit drink can is really a hidden safe designed to hold small valuables.
Dr. Pepper soda can safeDr. Pepper soda can safeThis real Dr. Pepper soda can is actually a great hiding place for small valuables.
Lipton Tea safeLipton Tea safeThis ice tea can fits in the fridge just like any other can.
Nestea can safeNestea can safeThis iced tea can is really a hidden safe designed to hide your small valuables.
Arizona Ice Tea safeArizona Ice Tea safeThis can of Arizona Ice Tea is a hidden safe with a compartment for small valuables.
Tecate beer can safeTecate beer can safeThis can has no beer, it's really a hidden safe for your small valuables.
Pabst beer can safePabst beer can safeNot just your everyday tasty beer - this is actually a hidden safe.
Natural Light can safeNatural Light can safeThis beer can is actually a hidden safe.
Bud-Lite beer can hidden safeBud-Lite beer can hidden safeA beer can hidden safe to fool burglars.
RC Cola can safeRC Cola can safeRC Cola can is really a hidden safe. Blends in easily in your fridge.
Miller Beer can safeMiller Beer can safeSadly, there is no beer here - just a unique hidden safe for hiding small valuables.
Hawaiian Punch safeHawaiian Punch safeThis tasty juice can holds your cash or jewelry and hides right in your fridge.
Gatorade can safeGatorade can safeThis hidden safe can is an actual Gatorade container.
Country Time safeCountry Time safeUnscrew the top to reveal an inner chamber for small valuables.
Cherry 7UP can safeCherry 7UP can safeNo tasty soda inside this can - just a hiding place for valuables!
7UP can safe7UP can safeThis 7UP soda can is a hidden safe with a compartment for your valuables.
A&W Root Beer can safeA&W Root Beer can safeThis A&W Root Beer can has a hidden compartment for your small valuables.
Coca Cola can safeCoca Cola can safeThis Coke can is modified to make it a hidden safe for your small valuables.
Disani water bottle safeDisani water bottle safeThis bottle of Dasani water has a hidden compartment for valuables.
Surge protector safeSurge protector safeThis non-working surge protector/power strip is really a safe with a switch that lights up.
Insulated coffee mug safeInsulated coffee mug safeThis functional coffee cup is also hidden safe. A great travel accessory.
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