Comments from our customers

Occasionally, one of our customers will send an email telling us about their experience with our company.
This is a sampling. Please feel free to send us your comments - good or bad.

"I sincerely appreciate it and will think first of your company the next time I need safety devices."

"You guys went out of your way to make sure everything turned out for the best. Thanks for all your help."

"My order came on Wednesday. The product is just what I wanted and your service was great! I do a lot of shopping on the internet and your company is the best one I've dealt with in a long, long time. Thank you for the best customer service!"

"I received the XXXX yesterday. It doesn't work the way your site says it should. What do I do now?"
This was the 3rd time we had received a complaint about that particular product. We've removed the product from our site. We refunded Kathy's money and told her to toss the item.

"Hello Jim
I installed the alarm a few days ago and I'm very pleased the way it works. The range is about 12ft to trigger the alarm. The unit dials the three numbers with no problems. Well worth the money. Thanks again for the nice service."