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brief bio of website

brief bio of website

I began selling and installing home security products and systems 30 years ago. In 2005, after many months of research, we found some excellent, affordable DIY wireless and wired-in alarms, alarm systems, and various other security tools.
All the manufacturers we deal with have excellent knowledge of the security field. None has less than 15 years experience, and one has been selling security items for over 40 years! We are offering these alarms and alarm systems online to save you even more money.
I spent 11+ years as a blockwatch officer in a major U.S. city. I worked closely with the police department and city government to help implement strategies for all aspects of homeowners' safety. The free home security tips are one of those strategies.
<p><b><font face="Arial"> </font><font color="#000099" face="Arial">Read our free report "UNINVITING BURGLARS"</font></b></p>

Read our free report "UNINVITING BURGLARS"