Non-alarm safety and security items


This is sort of a catch-all section. Here, we have a variety of non-alarm safety & security items.
These are just a few more items we have that can make you, your home, or your business, more secure.
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Read our free report "UNINVITING BURGLARS"

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Fire alert stickerFire alert stickerThis removable & reusable fire rescue window decal easily attaches to the inside of a window to alert firefighters and EMS personnel.
Lighted CCTV warning signLighted CCTV warning signUse this Lighted CCTV warning sign with a real or dummy camera for extra visibility and security.
Alarm system security stickerAlarm system security stickerThis alarm system security sticker will fool potential thieves.
Alarm system security stickers - 6 packAlarm system security stickers - 6 packAlarm system security stickers are effective on windows, doors, and even your car. Six pack
CCTV warning stickersCCTV warning stickersCCTV warning stickers will help deter criminals.
Marking penMarking penThis ID marking pen uses invisible UV ink for marking your valuables.
Peep hole viewerPeep hole viewerPeep Holes allow you to see on the other side of your door without opening it.
Dual function door braceDual function door braceThis portable dual function brace works on hinged or sliding doors.
Digital doorbellDigital doorbellAvoid missed visitors with this wireless doorbell.
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