Alarms to protect your employees and your goods
Business alarms and alarm systems

Business alarms and alarm systems

Shoplifters, thieves, and burglars are everywhere. These alarms can help you stay ahead of them. These alarms are appropriate for a small business or office.

Install these alarms and alarm systems yourself, and save even more. These easy-to-install alarms include complete easy-to-read instructions.

These alarms will pay for themselves with just one foiled theft attempt!

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Read the free report "UNINVITING BURGLARS"

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Motion Activated Alarm with AutodialerMotion Activated Alarm with AutodialerThis motion alarm includes an autodialer. Protect your business 24/7.
Mini Window AlarmMini Window AlarmThis tiny alarm will protect windows, doors, and display cases.
Safety BeamSafety BeamThis portable alarm is triggered by breaking the infrared beam. Adjustable for alarm or chime.
Motion Alarm with StrobeMotion Alarm with StrobeThis easily installed remote controlled motion detector uses an audio alarm plus a flashing light to scare off intruders. It also has a power outage light.
Motion sensor alarmMotion sensor alarmUse this portable motion sensor to guard sensitive areas in your store.
Motion Alert with KeypadMotion Alert with KeypadThis programmable alarm will alert you if a customer roams into an improper area.
Entrance alertEntrance alertSmall spot detecting alarm for display cabinets, cash registers, doors, windows, and more.
Driveway PatrolDriveway PatrolThis indoor/outdoor infrared system will alert you of unexpected activity. It includes transmitter and receiver.
Motion detector with remoteMotion detector with remoteMotion detector alarm/chime includes a remote control and extra window/door sensors.
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