Key hiders blend in to their surroundings


If you are hiding a spare house key under your door mat or above the door frame or under a flower pot on the front porch, those are the first places burglars will look.
With these key hiders, you will never worry about being locked out again and only you and your family members will know the secret location where the key is hidden.


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<font size="2" color="#000099" face="Verdana"><b>Read our free report "UNINVITING BURGLARS"</b></font></p>

Read our free report "UNINVITING BURGLARS"

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Thermometer key hiderThermometer key hiderThis working thermometer has a secret compartment big enough to hold six keys!
Sprinkler Key HiderSprinkler Key HiderThis is an actual sprinkler system head which has been converted into a key hider.
Rock key hider - largeRock key hider - largeThis realistic looking rock has a secret compartment for keys.
Flower pot safeFlower pot safeThis multi-purpose safe holds flowers + valuables. You can even use it as a key hider!
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