Imitation security cameras


These imitation cameras use the same housings as real cameras.
They look just like the real ones yet cost much less.
Crooks can't tell the difference!
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Read our free report "UNINVITING BURGLARS"

Add visibility with a Lighted CCTV warning sign

Add visibility with a Lighted CCTV warning sign

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Dummy Outdoor Camera with LightDummy Outdoor Camera with LightThis easy-to-install weatherproof "dummy" camera has a flashing light that is easily visible at night.
Dummy Camera with Outdoor HousingDummy Camera with Outdoor HousingThis weatherproof easy-to-install "dummy" security camera will intimidate potential thieves.
Imitation Security CameraImitation Security CameraThis is a real security camera. It doesn't have the "guts", but it does have a flashing red light to make it look exactly like a real one.
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