Hidden cameras to keep an eye on an area when you can't be there


Ever wonder how your babysitter treats your children when you're not there or what your employees do when you're not at your business? These hidden cameras will monitor people or any important area when you can't be there yourself.

We've found some more quality nanny/spy cameras and will be gradually adding them. If you don't see the one for you, stop back again.

Please note: It is the responsibly of the purchaser to check all State, Local and Federal Laws governing the use of hidden video cameras before ordering hidden or covert video surveillance equipment. Hidden video surveillance is legal-in most states- as long as it is not done in an area where reasonable privacy is expected. Such areas include but are not limited to bathrooms, bedrooms and dressing rooms. Crimes or action that is video taped is usually admissible as evidence in court. In most states video surveillance does not require the consent of parties involved.

This page is being updated.
We will be carrying a new line of nanny cams soon.
Thank you for your patience.
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Read our free report "UNINVITING BURGLARS"

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