When you hear the word safe, do you picture the old square, heavy, black, clunky, box-type floor safe or wall safe? Those ideas are outdated.

21st century home safes offer better security, reliability, and protection than the old ugly ones. They now come in different colors and sizes and they're a lot more attractive. Whether you need a laptop safe, a gun safe, or a money safe, you now have a variety of choices.

All the security safes currently listed here are made by Safe King (They've been at this for nearly 20 years). These safes are engineered to tough and exacting hotel standards. The patented door mechanism includes a 16 mm steel dead bolt. The battery powered motorized door swings open with ease. All doors have a telephone style over-sized keypad.

All these safes come with pre-drilled holes. Use either strong screws or bolts to mount these units inside a piece of furniture, in a drawer, in a closet, or ....... All safes have a one year warranty.

When I say they're easily installed, I mean even I can do it (and I'm not very handy - just ask my wife)!

You won't find a better quality safe anywhere!

Stay safe,

Safety Jim

Angel A Motorized safeAngel A Motorized safeA safe that's as functional as it is attractive.
Prince-B Electronic LCD Motorized SafePrince-B Electronic LCD Motorized SafeThis table top safe can also be mounted almost anywhere.
Electronic LCD Motorized top load safeElectronic LCD Motorized top load safeThis attractive top loading motorized safe has a slam-proof feature.
X Pro 20H SafeX Pro 20H SafeThis front loading motorized safe is big enough for your notebook, laptop, or netbook.
X Pro 30H SafeX Pro 30H SafeThis table top safe holds much more than our other safes.
Xdra-B Electronic LCD Motorized SafeXdra-B Electronic LCD Motorized SafeHeavy duty top loading safe for guns, laptops, jewelry, and more.